College Vision

Make MSC a premier college in the region along the field of Instruction, Research, Extension and Production.

College Mission

To provide quality, responsive and dynamic leadership in the areas of Education, Technology, Engineering, Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries, Culture, Arts and Sciences to empower God - fearing individuals who are innovators and protectors for the sustainable development of the provice and the country as a whole.

Goals of the Learning Resource Center:

  1. Ensure timely and equitable access to the LRC's resources and services to meet the needs of the clientele.

  2. Develop and maintain an educational program for the maximum utilization of resources and services.

  3. Maintain close and meaningful working relationships with students, faculty, administrators and staff of the college.

Objectives of the Learning Resource Center Services:

  1. To develop, organize and maintain a print and non-print collection as well as other materials to meet the information, research, instruction, production and extension work of the students, faculty and administrative staff.

  2. To support college instruction, research, production and extension programs by the preparation and dissemination of bibliography and reference guides and appropriate information services.

  3. To recruit and maintain LRC staff pf highly qualified individuals capable of a sustained level of high performance.

  4. To develop and maintain vigorous and discriminating programs for the identification, selection and acquisition of LRC materials needed to fulfill the LRC's major responsibilities of supporting the college's research and instructional programs, providing information needs and advancement of learning.

  5. To publkicize and promote awareness and use of the LRC's resources and services to students, faculty and administrative staff through a public relations program and staff participation in campus activities.


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