Circulation Services

Circulation services at the service desk provide the lending of library materials during all hours of library operation. Functions include check-outs and check-ins of materials and resources, collection of fines and other charges, re-shelving of library materials, and maintaining order in shelving areas. 

Borrowing Regulations

  1. A valid library/borrower’s card must be presented in order to borrow and return any library material.
  2. Circulation books are to be taken out for one night from 3:30 PM in the afternoon.
  3. Borrowers are requested to sign their name legibly on the book card, write the accession number in the borrower’s card and leave it at the counter.
  4. Undergraduate; One book may be borrowed for overnight use only until 9:00 a.m. of the following day.
  5. One week before the final examinations, all books are for room use only. 

Type of Patron

Maximum Number of books

Loan Period

Faculty Members and research staff


1 month

Part-timer / College Lecturer and Visiting professor


1 week

Undergraduate Student



Masteral/Doctoral Students


1 week (regular sem) 2 days (summer)

Off Campus Researchers

Room Use Only


Returning of Materials

 Everyone is requested to return or renew checked-out/ borrowed materials on or before the due date.

  1. A fine of P1.00 shall be charged for the first one hour and additional P1.00/per hour for the remaining number of hours delayed or a charge of P12.00 per day per book for an overdue material.
  2. Overdue book may not be renewed.
  3. No delinquent borrower is allowed to borrow any library materials unless all library accounts are settled.
  4. Payments for overdue fines should be collected by the Librarian and issue temporary receipt.
  5. The authorized librarian shall remit the collected overdue amount to the MSC Cashier’s Office monthly.


Lost and Damaged Books

  1. Lost library materials must be reported at once. Failure to notify the librarian means accumulation of fines and the amount will be added to the cost of the book. A lost book must be paid or replaced one week after it was reported lost.
  2. A lost or damaged book may either be replaced with the same title or another related title subject to the approval of the librarian or paid at a cost based on the current market price of the book, shipping fee plus a processing fee of 20% of the original cost and the accrued fines if there are any.
  3. All payments must be made in the Cashier’s Office.
  4. Damaged, torn or missing pages must be reported immediately to the librarian before borrowing the book or library material.
  5. Failure to replace or pay lost or damaged books within the allowed period means suspension of borrowing privileges.

 Library User Education

  • Freshmen Library Orientation – it includes overview of the Library policies, procedures, services and facilities. Basic Information retrieval process using OPAC. Introduction to the use of online resources.
  • Electronic Resource Tutorial – it includes lecture on the different online resources that match possible research needs.

 Referral Services

Students or faculty members who need to consult information center may request the Librarian for the issuance of a Referral Letter to the institution of their chose.

 Library Clearance     

All library users whose library records are not cleared by the end of each semester/summer will not have his/her clearance signed.


 A bibliographic record of a library’s holding, available in machine-readable form, the users may search by keywords, subject, titles and author. Clients can search online bibliography of a library collection that is available to the public.

  Photocopy Services

  1. Only abstracts of theses and feasibility studies will be allowed to be photocopied.
  2. A newly acquired book is strictly prohibited for photocopying to avoid destruction.

 Current Awareness Services

Keep users aware of current developments in their field. Reviewing newly available documents, selecting the items relevant to the needs of an individual or group, and notifying the user about the new information through library website.

  E-Library Services

  1. Use of LRC’s E-Library Section is on a first-come first-served basis. The LRC reserves the right to limit access to computing resources and equipment.
  2. Only currently enrolled students for the semester can have an access thru the LRC E-Library Section.
  3. Students are required to surrender their Borrower’s Card and must log in the E-Library LogBook and inquire in the Librarian – in – charge with the following details :
    1. Date
    2. Name
  • Section
  1. Time in and out of using the E-Library and
  2. Purpose of Research
  3. Signature
  1. Students are given a total of 10 hours per semester for the use of the E-Library Services. Each student is given only 60 minutes per day to allow other students to avail of the facility. After consuming the allotted 60 hours during semester, students who wishes to still use the E-Library services must pay P10 / hour.  
  2. The internet access caters research needs therefore the uses of social media platforms are strictly prohibited.
  3. The use of external flash drives is prohibited.
  4. Users should observe applicable intellectual property laws, including Philippines copyright laws.
  5. Users must adhere to electronic resource licenses, agreements, and guidelines, including those limiting or prohibiting systematic download, duplication, transfer, sale, or commercial exploitation.
  6. Users must follow all applicable restrictions and guidelines on use of equipment and electronic resources.
  7. Only one person at a time may use a workstation.
  8. Social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other websites containing explicit content are strictly prohibited.
  9. Installing or copying software to LRC computers is not allowed.
  10. In keeping with the spirit of Marinduque State College Code of Conduct, we expect library users to be guided by courtesy, sensitivity, and respect for others when accessing and viewing Internet material and using the library computers in general.
  11. The MSC LRC reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.



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