LRC Rules and Regulations

Arrangement and Access Collection

Periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title in the display shelves for ready access. Theses and feasibility study are arranged by accession number.

Authorized Users

The following are authorized to use the library:

1. Bonafide students of the Marinduque State College

2. Visiting Users with referral letters and payment of twenty-five pesos (? 25.00) per visit per person for the use of materials or other facilities. All materials shall be for room use only.

Library/Borrower‘s Card

1. Issuance/renewal of library/borrowers card is scheduled every opening of the semester and summer.

2. Requirements to secure a library/borrower’s card:

a. Students – certificate of enrollment and 2 pcs. (1x1) recent photos.

b. A duplicated borrower’s card will be issued upon satisfactory proof of the loss of the original. Lost borrowers’ card and fully filled cards may be replaced one (1) week and upon payment of ? 25.00 to the cashier.

Entrance to the Library

A borrower’s card is required to register every time he/she enters the library.

Borrowing Regulations

1. A valid library/borrower’s card must be presented in order to borrow and return any library material.

2. Borrowers are requested to sign their name legibly on the book card, write the accession number in the borrower’s card and leave it at the counter.

a. Undergraduate; One book may be borrowed for overnight use only until 9:00 a.m. of the following day.

b. One week before the final examinations, all books are for room use only.

Returning of Borrowed Materials

1. Everyone is requested to return or renew checked-out/ borrowed materials on or before the due date.

2. A fine of ? 1.00 shall be charged for the first one hour and additional ? 1.00/per hour for the remaining number of hours delayed or a charge of ? 12.00 per day per book for an overdue material.

3. Overdue book may not be renewed.

4. No delinquent borrower is allowed to borrow any library materials unless all library accounts are settled.

5. Payments for overdue fines and lost library materials should be made at the Cashier’s Office. Receipt for any payment made must be presented to the librarian.

Lost and Damaged Books

1. Lost library materials must be reported at once. Failure to notify the librarian means accumulation of fines and the amount will be added to the cost of the book. A lost book must be paid or replaced one week after it was reported lost.

2. A lost or damaged book may either be replaced with the same title or another related title subject to the approval of the librarian or paid at a cost based on the current market price of the book, shipping fee plus a processing fee of 20% of the original cost and the accrued fines if there are any.

3. Damaged, torn or missing pages must be reported immediately to the librarian before borrowing the book or library material.

4. Failure to replace or pay lost or damaged books within the allowed period means suspension of borrowing privileges.

Referral Letter

Students or faculty members who needs to consult information center may request the Librarian for the issuance of a Referral Letter to the institution of their chose.

Library Clearance

All library users whose library records are not cleared by the end of each semester/summer will not have his/her clearance signed.

Library Property

1. Tearing, defacing or mutilating any library material/property is strictly prohibited and subjects to disciplinary action per MSC rules and regulations.

2. Users caught bringing books, periodicals and /or other library property out of the library premises without permission shall be dealt with appropriate disciplinary action.

Proper Conduct in the Library

1. Library user are expected to observe proper conduct in the library, loud conversation are not allowed

2. Eating, drinking, smoking, loitering are strictly prohibited. Violation shall be deal with accordingly.

3. Cellphone must be turn off or in silent mode while inside the Library.


1. Only abstracts of theses and feasibility studies will be allowed to be photocopied.

2. A newly acquired book is strictly prohibited for photocopying to avoid destruction.


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